The actions of the Votary of the lotus sutra

2 essays due day after tomorrow.

brilliant student division meeting yesterday, recharged me to study earnestly. Heard from many people how passionate they are about their study. Some of them spent 16hrs in the library!! so motivated so today i came to my own uni library which is an hr away from home, but whatever 😀

so before i settle down to study, thought i’d read 30mins of gosho, and today im listening to what daishonin has to say in the letter ‘the actions of the votary of the lotus sutra’


why was it written? who was it to? when was it written? etc

Date – 1276

to – konichi (a common lay practitioner). She was a widow and was raising a son. she lived in awa where daishonin grew up. Her son practiced the daishonin’s buddhism and due to him, she started practicing too. But after a while the son passed away but she overcame her deep sadness and remained a strong nichiren buddhist until she died.

letter contents

Daishonin had previously predicted something would happen on On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land (i cant remember what). and exactly as he predicted, the mongols attacked japan. daishonin says its because the country slandered lotus sutra.

Government people were deciding whether to behead the daishonin or to send him to exile. How awful to know this, but daishonin is more than happy! in the past, boy snow mountains and various other people gave their life and body all in the name of buddhist practice, so he’s happy that he is being persecuted because it only confirms him that he is in the right path.

lotus sutra is he truth. but how its practiced is dependent on people’s capacity of understanding it and the time and age that it is practiced on.

shakyamuni said: –

The Buddha made a prophecy, saying:

After my death, during the beginning of the Latter Day of the Law that follows the two millennia of the Former and Middle Days, person will appear who will propagate only the heart of the Lotus Sutra, the five characters of the daimoku. At that time an evil ruler will be in power, and evil monks, more numerous than the dust particles of the land, will argue with one another over the various Mahayana and Hinayana sutras. When the votary of the daimoku challenges the monks, they will incite their lay supporters to abuse, beat, or imprison him, to confiscate his lands, to exile or behead him. In spite of such persecutions, he will continue his propagation without ceasing. Meanwhile the ruler who persecutes him will be beset by rebellion, and his subjects will devour each other like hungry spirits. Finally the land will be attacked by a foreign country, for Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings have ordained that other countries shall assault a land that is hostile to the Lotus Sutra.

its just too good and i dunno what to say abt it! ill just copy paste ^^

None of you who declare yourselves

to be my disciples should ever give way

to cowardice. Neither should you allow

concern for your parents, wife, or children

to hold you back, or be worried

about your property. Since countless

kalpas in the past you have thrown

away your life more times than the

number of dust particles of the land for

the sake of your parents, your children,

or your lands. But not once have you

given up your life for the Lotus Sutra.

You may have tried to practice its

teachings to some extent, but whenever

you were persecuted, you backslid

and ceased to live by the sutra. That is

like boiling water only to pour it into

cold water, or like trying to strike fire

but giving up halfway. Each and every

one of you should be certain deep in

your heart that sacrificing your life for

the Lotus Sutra is like exchanging rocks

for gold or dung for rice.

basically then, daishonin says, im the first one who had guts to propagate nam myoho renge kyo. not even dengyo, tien tai and many bodhisattvas who knew about it preached it because at that time the time or the capacity of the people were’nt right. i wonder how daishonin knew the time and capacity of ppl were right for him to propagate :s

and many more but u can carry on reading on here, ill get on with my essay ^^


27th april 2012

Had such a lovely day 🙂

i’ve realised something since determining to do (and trying hard to do it, specially during placement time) 3hrs daimoku + 1hr gosho (30 mins morning and 30 mins evening) daily but cant put my finger on what it is.


i’ve realised that its not the money, high flying career, 5 bedroom house, 80% grade, cute little happy family and all the lovely things i aspire for.. its knowing life is wonderful each and every second i breathe. having that deep feeling of security and warmth in my heart knowing no matter what happens as long as i practice correctly i’ll be protected in every step of my way. 

5 bedroom house can be burnt down, it could be taken away easily, family might have misunderstandings.. even if i have demanding job with high salary what if i couldnt even single penny for my own happiness for e.g. having to fix house again and again, really ill relatives and having to pay for them since ur the well off one, then it would become burden.. but whats more important is.. having that deep faith in heart that everything will be taken care of when i put kosen rufu and practice at the centre of my life.

our lovely women division member in our district said her neice puts her practice first. and never had trouble finding jobs even after relocating to different country. what she does is, she practices no matter what because the day can go on forever.. and i myself also find that when i woke up on work day, i sit down to chant straightaway cos i know im rushing but during my off days.. im way too chilled out and get busy doing breakfast.. then tv.. then checking dailymail.. then day dreaming.. then chatting.. then comes gongyo a quick one, then daimoku is done mostly infront of laptop lol, what i call “mumbling daimoku”

anyway i never thought i could i say this but i do love my life 🙂 and im grateful to be alive (far cry from the suicidal thoughts a year ago) and im kinda grasping the idea of living in the moment, living to the full, and the phrase “we are born in this world to enjoy”. i read it as.. we’re not born to collect materials, to show off, to get deeply attached with things, but we are born to base our life on kosen rufu, enabling each person we meet to activate their happy self, and to basically enjoy the happy times as well as to enjoy the suffering times. the latter i found, quite hard to grasp, anywhoo.. gona make another cuppa tea. and ill create another post 🙂


till then, stay safe and make an effort to activate the happy self in the person infront of you.

25th april 2012 – the proof of the lotus sutra

what i learnt …

to – nanjo tokimitsu

date – 28th february 1282

  • Daishonin was quite ill while writing it as was tokimitsu. Daishonin was aparently too ill to write but due to his deep compassion for tokimitsu, he wrote the letter to encourage him to overcome his illness even when he himself was ill. awww and woaah how amazing!!
  • tokimitsu was soo ill and was practically on the verge of death i assume because this letter is often even called Prayer for a Return to Life from Fatal Illness
  • Tokimitsu’s family background .. he’s born in a warrior family and is normally called a bad person but daishonin says his heart is so lovely that he wants to call him a good man even if he belongs to a family that goes to wars.
  • At that time taking faith in Daishonin’s time take more than guts. it took GUTS with capital letters. cos everyone was torturing him and his followers, taking their lands (whcih is like taking their money), allegating them of lots of wrong doings even when they were innocent, thats why daishonin feels so much for tokimitsu and his family for having the guts to be his disciples.
  • Daishonin says to him, since tokimitsu is appreaing to be soo diligent in faith even when he’s being attacked from all sorts of people and from all direction and didn’t waver even in the least in his faith, the heavenyl gods are actually using his grave illness to intimidate him and to test him. i dunno if he lived long life afterwards, if you do then please let me know! until i find out myself!
  • daishonin is so furious that he even shouts at the heavenly gods literally saying to them, wtf are u doing? this man is a votary of the lotus sutra, why arent u protecting him when each one of u vowed to shakyamuni when was passing away (read the gosho – on prayer) to protect the lotus sutra practitioners (i think its ls) and ur not even doing that? if you dont cure him then ur heads will be broken into seven pieces, and you will obviously fall into the great avichi hell so you better do ur job or else u will regret it.  woah :O!! and obviously this was written in the letter that tokimitsu read and imagine how amazing he must have felt for having the compasison of this great man, even if the heavenly gods had testing to do, i would have already felt much better and feeling protected in such a vulnerable time to have someone as strong as nichiren to be protecting me and even yelling at the heavenly gods.

anyway thats all. did read other stuff, today there is a study meeting that im moderating 😀 first time for me and i was trembling with excitement and joy while reading sensei’s book on attaining buddhahood in this lifetime, sensei’s lectures on it while preparing for what to say in the meeting. i didnt even felt like it was a burden or resentful that one more thing to do in my oh so busy life. I can talk and type for hrs and hrs but have to go somewhere 🙂

until then have faith + study hard + practice correctly

lotsa love ^^

22nd april – my gosho highlights

Gosho vol 1 page 262- 267

– Udumbara flower blooms when wheel turning king appears

– when asked what does enlightenment mean, master of secrets says :: it means to understand one’s own mind as it truly is. O wow, how simple, wonder if master of secrets is shakyamuni himself.

– unless one can percieve the relative profundity of the various writings, one can’t judge the worth of the principles they reveal – daishonin. Wonder if it applies to my books for essay for uni, d’oh! Uncomfortable wisdom o_o

nam myoho renge kyo

21st april – lovely gosho

What I grasped from “the opening of the eyes part ii” from page 250something till page 261

– chia-hsiang carried tien tai on his back when he mounted an elevated seat for preaching

– daishonin seems to be wondering why buddhas, bodhisattvas and ten demon daughters aren’t protecting him, and he’s doubting if that means whether he’s a votary of the lotus sutra in the first place so he aims to examine sutra text again to see where he’s going wrong

nam myoho renge kyo

13th april – sunshine + rain ^^

Lovely day. Starting a wordpress a blog 🙂 since I love typing compared to writing.

Dream for today – shakubuku 1billion in my life time via ‘heart to heart’ dialogue :: might live till 91max. Which leaves me a good 70 years left. World had estimated 7bn ppl, so it is fairly possible 😀

Chant 10billion daimoku before I’m 90yrs old. Have done 2 1/2 m so far :). This study meeting, we’ll be talking abt daimoku – is it quality or quantity?

Walked/ran in the evening with dad. Gota sort out my back problem. Will try pilates next week.

Finished a rough draft of essay no.1 must start essay no. 2 soon.

V coming tomorow for sleep over yeepie!!

Hello world!

Hi everyone 🙂 I enjoy typing more than writing, so its kinda like my thought/dream recording/diary book. Even just one person finds it useful, then ill be glad 😀
Btw:- is a dream I’ve nurtured since last year. I will be launching affordable all sorts of clothes for lovely petite madames. For the time being, its started but my dream hasn’t materialised. Might start working on it from late 2013, if I’m still alive from doomsday that is. 😀