25th april 2012 – the proof of the lotus sutra

what i learnt …

to – nanjo tokimitsu

date – 28th february 1282

  • Daishonin was quite ill while writing it as was tokimitsu. Daishonin was aparently too ill to write but due to his deep compassion for tokimitsu, he wrote the letter to encourage him to overcome his illness even when he himself was ill. awww and woaah how amazing!!
  • tokimitsu was soo ill and was practically on the verge of death i assume because this letter is often even called Prayer for a Return to Life from Fatal Illness
  • Tokimitsu’s family background .. he’s born in a warrior family and is normally called a bad person but daishonin says his heart is so lovely that he wants to call him a good man even if he belongs to a family that goes to wars.
  • At that time taking faith in Daishonin’s time take more than guts. it took GUTS with capital letters. cos everyone was torturing him and his followers, taking their lands (whcih is like taking their money), allegating them of lots of wrong doings even when they were innocent, thats why daishonin feels so much for tokimitsu and his family for having the guts to be his disciples.
  • Daishonin says to him, since tokimitsu is appreaing to be soo diligent in faith even when he’s being attacked from all sorts of people and from all direction and didn’t waver even in the least in his faith, the heavenyl gods are actually using his grave illness to intimidate him and to test him. i dunno if he lived long life afterwards, if you do then please let me know! until i find out myself!
  • daishonin is so furious that he even shouts at the heavenly gods literally saying to them, wtf are u doing? this man is a votary of the lotus sutra, why arent u protecting him when each one of u vowed to shakyamuni when was passing away (read the gosho – on prayer) to protect the lotus sutra practitioners (i think its ls) and ur not even doing that? if you dont cure him then ur heads will be broken into seven pieces, and you will obviously fall into the great avichi hell so you better do ur job or else u will regret it.  woah :O!! and obviously this was written in the letter that tokimitsu read and imagine how amazing he must have felt for having the compasison of this great man, even if the heavenly gods had testing to do, i would have already felt much better and feeling protected in such a vulnerable time to have someone as strong as nichiren to be protecting me and even yelling at the heavenly gods.

anyway thats all. did read other stuff, today there is a study meeting that im moderating 😀 first time for me and i was trembling with excitement and joy while reading sensei’s book on attaining buddhahood in this lifetime, sensei’s lectures on it while preparing for what to say in the meeting. i didnt even felt like it was a burden or resentful that one more thing to do in my oh so busy life. I can talk and type for hrs and hrs but have to go somewhere 🙂

until then have faith + study hard + practice correctly

lotsa love ^^


2 thoughts on “25th april 2012 – the proof of the lotus sutra

  1. Nanjo Tokimitsu long after Daishonin died upto 80 years or so. he donated his house at Taisekeji to Nicherin’s disciples…that is where the head temple stands with the Dai Gohonzon even now 🙂

    • 😮 i didnt know that, wow, thank u for letting me know 🙂
      so he died after daishonin? i thought daishonin was 60 something when he died
      p.s thank u so much for having a read and leaving a comment 🙂

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