lets get healthy!

so my weight is borderline underweight which im not proud of and havent been proud of for the past 5 years. can u believe in the past 5 years ive only gained 5 kilos! and that isnt intentional.. in fact i want to be a healthy chubby girl ^^ however.. enough of fantasizing, its time to take the bull by its horn 😀

so as a student in health care and health promotion being a huge part of plan to make our world full of health people i thought i’d give a guide that i myself am hoping to follow 🙂

this healthy eating habit suits if your a generally healthy person without any significant dietary needs, for e.g. diabetic, low fat, high protein, low carb etc and if u do then u can tweak things here and there. this is a very basic and general guide and it isnt going on too much detail e.g. explaining what bmi is etc.

so first up!

1.check your weight and height

basically get ur (body mass index) bmi, are u overweight? underweight? normal? u can google bmi calculator to find out where ur at or for ur comfort heres a link that u can use :p http://www.bhf.org.uk/bmi/BMI_Calc.html

i’m a 4feet 10 i believe, and my healthy weight should be between 37kg – 49kg

what next? i want to gain 8 kg

u might want to set a deadline to achieve it by, however im not bothered as long as im eating heathily and achieving my nutrition needs 🙂

2. check your nutrition requirement

basic tailored ones are available here, http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/calories-burned i used the same one.

after filling up the data it gives me the recommended nutrition that i need.

although all are very important, im fairly focusing on achieving 3 of them via dietary route or vitamin pills. the main ones im looking at is the macronutrients i.e. the main nutrients that our body uses in large quantity. 

u probably guessed, they are carbohydrates (starchy), protein and fats (unsaturated is a good one)

4. diet plan

if ur confused on where to start, just google healthy eating weekly diet plan. My college tutor who was a dietician prior to being a teacher always stressed “our food doesnt have to be expensive to be healthy” its just the case of having food knowledge. these days we assume people are well educated regarding their food.. fried chips arent that bad as long as we take it in good portions.. and things like that. 

http://www.healthy-diet-mom.com/healthy-eating-plan.html – gives a two week health eating plan ideas. i made one of them too for my college project 🙂 and calculated each and every nutrient value for each and every food. good old days..

calculate how much nutrient u need and then figure how u might achieve it during the day via diet or dietary supplements.

5. exercise!

I just got a good lookin pair of jogging bottoms 🙂 and have couple of cute tees and a good enough trainers, which means im ready for a jog/walk/run.

also im hoping to get a bike soon and also achieve 4th eternal guideline for young women division by sensei which is “engage in dialogue to foster friendship and humanistic ideals”. im hoping by going for bike rides around hampshire with some girlfriends i’ll have plenty to talk about and foster frienships via dialogue.. 🙂

until next time

lots of love, s


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