relatively happy day :)

reason to be happy..

 2. essay result – 2nd year of officially cleared!

so today i checked my essay results after chanting 6 hours. 

got 66 for one of them and 64 for another :D, pass mark was 36 so even if i got that, i’d had been satisfied knowing i wont be spending the rest of summer doing my essay! so when i got almost double the mark i was grinning and amazed 🙂

little story..

4 days before essay deadline i did lilac for national student division uk. 

and i met at least two people who told me they were studying 10 and sometimes 16hour a day in the library since it was almost exam time. i drooled over the thought of.. working hard for a week and achieving 80%+ as a result 🙂

last week a ywd leader had reminded me, great cause = great effect. basically what i heard was do lilac or contribute towards a huge sgi activity and effect will be amazing. for e.g. she used to do 1 huge soka gakkai activtiy before an exam day (great cause) and achieved around 90% (great effect!) ofcourse study too! using wisdom..

2. happy family

my brother is also doing very well in his final year of college, and hoping to go to uni. his grades are looking good for uni admission. he seems to be getting very motivated for a good career. his part time work in a restaurant is causing him to suffer due to staff tension and lack of appreciation. so he’s solution for himself seems to be to stop working this 3 months of summer :s duno how we’re gona afford him! my plan is for him to work somewhere he likes and earn maybe a £100 per month for his leisure stuff

my dad and ma seems in love with mutual respect for each other 🙂 and both looks very cheery and deeply happy most of the time 🙂 my plan is for my whole family to chant before december 2012 so that i can do 10hour of tozo in my own home with my lovely peeps! and also i want to open our family home for our members in my district to do lotsa tozos with many goals in mind 🙂 maybe personal goals.. or to have 100 vibrant strong and deeply happy youth divisions and 100 strong women and mens divisions 🙂 and maybe split the district so that during discussion meetings everyone can fit in the rooms hehehe and maybe a centre!! maybe baby!!

3. prayers being answered tomorow!

i chanted for two friends to recieve gohonzon by a certain date (cant remember the goal deadline!)

1 of my dear friend v is recieving hers tomorow!! she went through such huge challenges.. changed two houses.. a tiff taff with landlords.. in the midst of all that financial issues.. relationship issues.. and essays to do for her uni course! im so proud of her! she’s totally winning ever so brightly 🙂

my other friend couldnt be convinced of the practice for now so she decided not to chant or practice consistently.. although a bit sad.. i know that since the seed is sown, it’ll bloom one day and she’ll practice happily again at some point in her life again 🙂

4. tozos!

atm i have so many time to do tozos!!!!! im loving it! however chanting alone.. im struggling to do even 2 hour properly.. so im chanting for a tozo buddy 🙂

5. summer dreams

my summer dreams is bursting out 🙂 so many things i want to do!!



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