something great out of something ordinary

In summer course last year I remember a ywd shared her determination – to earn 6 figure salary!
I was like woah.

Then I remember my ywd leader mentioning, “even if she doesn’t achieve it, in pursuing that goal I’m sure something great will definately come out”

Then I got it. Yah, earthly desires are enlightenment.

So yesterday and today I’ve been chanting for something quite a lot, and today I found a really good experience that I didn’t knew existed.

Its from reluctant buddhist – the experiences – part 1 in podcast version. I highly recommend it.

It has 2 incredible experiences and it really refreshed my practice. Mostly it encouraged me to be honest while chanting just like sally chanted to have a baby. No pretensions nothing fabricated. I’m gona do that! Hai!

– Whatever u do just don’t give up the practice.

– When your changing ur life profoundly then undoubtedly problems challenges will spring up and u must summon up all the perseverance u poses to press on.


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