Some nichiren buddhist lingo:-

– Three thousand realm in a single moment of life

Gosho – convo between a sage and an unenlightened man

Main thing I learnt –

-the meaning of shakubuku and shoju

– Aparntly in heaven life lasts eighty thousand yrs while in our world it last mostly arnd a hundred yrs

– it addresses my ignorance that how come I like lotus sutra but its members are so few? This gosho talk abt not always many is good and less are despised type. Can’t b bothered to type aLllllll. Page 125 vol 1 explains better.

Its so long but I felt strongly I must write it here. Sigh. Cos its the bomb

Page 133 – if only they have faith, then without a doubt they will be able to free themselves simultaneously from the illnesses of the three categories of illusion—

1) illusions of thought and desire,
2) illusions innumerable as particles of dust and sand, and
3) illusions about the true nature of existence.

The sage said: “The human heart is like water that assumes the shape of whatever vessel it occupies, and the nature of beings is like the reflection of the moon undulating on the waves. Now you insist that you will be firm in this faith, but another day you are bound to waver. Though devils and demons may come to tempt you, you must not allow yourself to be distracted. The heavenly devil hates the Buddha’s Law, and the non-Buddhist believers resent the path of the Buddhist teachings. But you must be like the golden mountain that glitters more brightly when scraped by the wild boar, like the sea that encompasses all the various streams, like the fire that burns higher when logs are added, or like the kalakula insect that grows bigger when the wind blows. If you follow such examples, then how can the outcome fail to be good?”


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