another eternal tip.

If u don’t enjoy it then ur heart is saying ‘don’t do it, I hate it and ur begrudging me’!!

Thankyou my man for reminding me about not begrudging our life. Ur so precious to me in unusual way!

Even if encouraging someone in need is a noble thing. If I’m not enjoying it then! Chant about it! Just throw words! Right gohonzon, niuuuus. Encouragement. I’m not looking forward to it! How come? Its noble but I don’t wana do it!
I got answer tht its cos I don’t think its enough. No matter what I do I’m never satisfied. No matter what answer I give, unless it touchesd their heart it never works. ‘And heart is hard for me’ not anymore!!!!!!!!!! If I chant abt it! I become in rhythm in my heart!
To live enjoyably! Its so simple! I must chant with my heart till its content! I know what it means now!! I found the formula!!!!

Then I realised what I want is to convey my heart’s duwa to. Her but always I. Get misunderstood so I don’t even start. Now I’m getting cloudy so ill chant like this- cloudy? Again? Why? What am I doubting?!

No formula works other than lotus sutra!! Now what does that mean then?! It surely doesn’t mean andha na dhunda ma chanting is no formula!
Crazy init tht I’m typing so fast yet no carpel tunnel syndrome tonight 😉


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