eternal guidelines for me.

A golden note to self

Chant sincerely and honestly!! No pretense!! Chanting strongly for wrong thing wastes time! Energy, and urself!!

For e.g. Siwaniiiii if u forget an e.g.

(How I love myself!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wish I could hug myself! I think I’m a lovely, fun person :D)

Wht do I think of her? I don’t want to be seen bettter than her. Don’t want her to be better than me. Infact these are pointless!
What gives me a bit joy? To share deep kosen rufu bond with her. To share my heart, to enjoy my time with her and for best kosen rufu outcome to come out of our bond! Namely Cousin but till now bahut dukh diye hain! Not by her, but by me to me due to her topic.

Now being honest doesn’t mean being mean! For e.g. Hurting her, proving her wrong etc doesn’t bring me joy, its like non-thought, non-existant type.

Key is to be honest. I ♥ chanting. xxxx


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