i feel..

Like I’m living from the heart!!!!! Something I wanted to do all my life 🙂 with no pretense! No nothing! Just me in rawest version 😀

No need to please anyone
Its only me that I’m accountable to. But life in saha world functions differently. How will my beliefs and beliefs of this world match! Or be in harmony! Gohonzoooon! Speak!

Btw I was speaking to my bodhisatva buddies. Told them I don’t think chanting will help me be less afraid of bhoot. And she said when we chant even devils starts protecting us!! Ehehhe! Love it! Even devil starts protecting us, its my upbringing, if I see bad dream mum says maybe witch trying to posess me, 99% of time pandits confirms it and says yep, and mum does puja and somehow after a while I feel better ?! Psychology stuff.

So I need to change this, I’m not gona hhave a frightened daughter and I’m definately not gona have a frightened mother spreading fear in everyone’s lives. M hmm.


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