No gohonzon!! Its a cycle! Karmic cycle! This time it’ll be diffferent! Has to!!

So proud of myself!! I’m ready for one on one!! Dialogue!! With c with b with whoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My spirit up up up

99% of the time ill fail in ur eyes. (In mine ill shine more) but even 1% if I can lead u to the practice or read – to ur happiness then my mission is complete!! Until that happens I’m not dissappearing!! If I get mentally exhausted ill chant and top up and move away heal and come back!! But but but I shall not be piss taker too šŸ˜€ what I said to him hehehehe

I’m loving it!! My life moving so fast and so lovingly!! And so enjoyably!! This is what living should be like! Pure and enjoyable!!

Omg! I love it! I was woried how will I answer his qs!! But infact table has turned! I would never had thought of that! It was natural! Loooooove it!!

Strength to strength until this. Weakest point.
My friend is seeing me as an addict. And says I have no control of reality, and I’m in denial, and I’m like a drug addict, and a drug addict sounds like me. I said even if I lose every single thing in my life I will never stop chanting. Daishonin can’t be wrong. Lotus sutra isn’t a childish theory. And then I wondered what! Have I really gone mad?!

Actual proof!!!! That’s where I’m stuck!!!! But this faith is I looooove!!!!

Me and the eye girls. Funny!!!! Saying ram lakhan, sita gita, daishonin sijo, diya bati!! what nots!

Wanted to write about cash machine exp pin locked!! Reading gosho. Hope I can rmember till tomoro.


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