Omg I love the way I’m chanting right now! Faaakin laave it. So raw and honest. I want to chant like this always!!!!!!

I thought I must write it so tht I can enact this type. Of chanting again!
But thing is I don’t want to write!!!! Argh!!! Chant like argH!!!!

I’m gona bet n to chant for 100 days and if nothing manifests then she can leave. Regardless of her connection, if she wins/lose I’m gona be happy. And I’m gona chant for best posible outcome to come out of it. “Something hass to manifest”

Yah, him hurting is the last thing I want. I want him to be happy and I want to share a deep bond with him regardless so tht he knows why I was so happy even during break up! He has to know! I can’t bear living with the feeling tht he thinks I was happy during break up cos I didnt like him etc etc


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