saturday morning..

Today would had been 8months!
I think once it goes downhill, ppl start to get more angry, and what if he starts hitting?! 😮 found this experience this morning

“I thought the way to change my karma was to just chant, practice, and endure. Mr. Williams (our General Director at that time) told us that if we did not like our government or surroundings, we should change ourselves. I thought, “If only my husband were here and would listen to this. If he would just chant again, he would change and we could be happy.” It never occurred to me at that time that I had to take responsibility for my own happiness and look at what might be awry in my own life. ”

“My advice for all those who are looking, would be to ask Gohonzon (yourself) when you are chanting: What do I need to do to be a person who will attract, and be able to keep, a commitment with the right person — a person with whom I can have a healthy, happy marriage/relationship and who will work with me for kosen rufu? Perhaps I’ve already mentioned that my husband insists he’s not a member, but he learned gongyo to help my oldest son with it, comes to meetings when I ask him, does gongyo, chants and participates, plus supports me in every way for any activity. ”

I think eventually we realise we can’t last emotionally that long, nor can he.


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