Chanting. But soooo many realisations. Want to write each one!!

I was angry and full of ego. S said something to me dufus somein like tht, I thought of pouring out my anger at her. And chanted. I’m angry so what can I do?! No! I must be happy and so should she! Something for kosen rufu advancement must happen!! Then I realised purely. my heart said I want to keep my friendship! So for that I must. Change this! So I did! And automatically felt lighter. And we had the most beautiful time together :):)

If I don’t get any answers! Then chant to breakthrouuuuuughh!!

Question. A friend noticed – whenever I win or become happy I s ay its cos of chanting and practice. And whenever I’m unhappy I say its my karma, my mission and must be happy. But thing is, everytime I achieve something, when I say its cos of chanting my friend told me – don’t under estimate urself, because she thinks I don’t believe I can do it hence why I say its always the chanting that worked and not cos of me.

Ok, but I realised, ofcourse its chanting tht worked. Its the tool and me did all the work, but its not like I’m not having confidence in myself but more like giving credit to chanting for bringing tht wisdom :s if it makes sense

Never begrudge heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! Everything has to advance kosen rufu!! Make me happy!! And everyone else!!!! No!!

Its when ur not sure in ur heart and not convinced tht the practice works tht u get very disturbed when others mock u. But! 2 other reasons too, low self esteem. Or great compassion to pull them out and into the happiness, and when unsuceeded we get frustrated. When not believeing in the law. That’s the point!!

Most powerful prayer is. I. Want. To be. Haaaaapy! I must be happy! No gohonzon! I have to have to be happpy!!!!!!

From http://chantforhappiness.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/putting-yourself-first.html?m=1

Putting Yourself FIRST
As one of my favorite people, Maya Angelou, says 
“A woman who takes care of herself is unstoppable.”
A PERSON who takes care of himself/herself is unstoppable! 

What is the best way to take care of yourself? 

Put your PRACTICE first!!! 

I promise you, and I can prove to you by personal example, that if You make sure you have carved out your time and space to chant every day – twice a day – all you have ever wished for will be yours. 

And I know, it is not so easy to say “Now is my time to chant” when others around you are wanting things from you. But THIS IS THE EXACT way that you will STRENGTHEN YOUR LIFE. and when you have a strong life you can be a better person for everyone, including those around you who may be asking you for things at the exact time you want to chant!

Now, I do know there are just times that you have to be flexible. I know there are probably times you have to chant in the car on the way somewhere, but make these time the EXCEPTION and not the rule. 

The more clearly you carve out your chanting time, the stronger you become. It really does work this way. You MAKE your life conform to YOUR wishes. You say “I will chant for ____ amount of time every single morning. towards accomplishing _____goal.” If you have not done this  ~ please do! It is the clearest way to accomplish your goal. 

My son did this a few years ago hen he was studying for his MCATS – the Medical School entrance exams. He chanted all summer consistently every day. He chanted more than he’d ever chanted every day. And occasionally he chanted and hour and a half at his leader’s house and he went to SGI meetings. His goal was to achieve a certain grade on the MCATS and to get into a medical school that was the BEST school for his life. 

This was not an easy goal for him to achieve. He was working in a research laboratory, he was tutoring others and he was taking the MCAT prep course. But he put chanting first. 

He did not achieve the number goal he wanted on the test, so at first he thought chanting didn’t work. But later, when he had stopped chanting as much, he realized that while he was chanting with determination he had the best semester he’d ever had at school. He felt the most “himself”. He was able to express himself and accomplish a lot and he was just HAPPY! 

So now, he chants every day and has a much stronger practice. 
Cool huh? And he DID get into the perfect Medical School for his life. The Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. Coincidentally it’s also the closest medical school to where I live. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!! 

Remember this:

When you put yourself first…when you carve out YOUR time to chant…your life will direct itself in the direction of your happiness. It has to. You are chanting the name of the mystic law. You are summoning the life in your life. You WILL achieve your dreams. But sometimes you have to fight for them…you have to fight the internal voices that say “I’m too tired to chant…or I really should do the laundry first.” (and then suddenly it’s 2;00 and you haven’t done morning gongyo yet!)

Put yourself first by putting your practice first! 

Strengthen the core of your life!

Do this and write me and tell me how it’s going!!! 

Chanting for you!

LOVED IT. Put urself first and ur unstoppable. I totally get it. If I hadn’t then we would have gotten used to the prive with the FEAR of breaking up! And being alone! Listen to ur heart! And move ur life foooorward!!


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