Mits aprntly shared my exp with a member and tht member was very inspired! I said Yes!!!! Thankyou!!! I’m so happy that someone benefitted from my life! How else can we repay our gradtitude other than that way! What else can be our mission!!!

As sooon as u see a karmic cycle! The karmic pattern. Chant to break through its shackles!! And to be free and change ur damn karma! And create new cause by changing it! Or chanting about it! And for heart to be very haaaaapy and content. And yearn for awesome things for kosen rufuu. Basicaly to be au naturelle and to win with daimoku.

In life I’m sure ill struggle a little, but there’ll be plenty of support + I have the biggest support!! The lotus sutra! Daimoku/gohonzon. Daishonin’s words + sensei’s. 😀 fully equipped for a very joyful life!!!


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