They have TIME to care wheras normally its. Rush rush world which made me go wtf!!!! But this place is what I always dremt of and what I always thought is an ideal place to work.

3 ppl kept telling me to come back and work there!! 1 spelt it out. 1 said she needs someone like me for the ppl. 1 said I must visit them again so tht she wants to show me more and was sory for the lack of time which was just a snapshot 15mins so might go back actually.

Conquering 1bn country isn’t tht marvelous when compared to conquering our own heart for victory πŸ™‚
no more ywd meetings for farnham, what a shame 😦 but we can talk lots about it later on πŸ™‚ maybe meetings for ywd aren’t a priority or best decision as of now for few months, maybe lots of intense home visits and making sure each member is strengthening their faith and is very happy might be a good campaign,that’s my feelings I shared with my ywd leader.

Its a brave and wise decision that our ywd leaders have took :p ill chant and join u guys for our ywd in our district! Is what I said πŸ™‚

I’m very aware tht I can slip to hell but I choose to be happy and I fight it with daimoku.

I think I’d like to join local community newspaper column to share a “our” community view from a ‘youth’. And do my bit for kosen rufu in my community by being out there, being the sun – illuminating and leading everyone to victory and by writing in a very joyful, hope-giving and sense of loving, welcoming ,community feel.


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