Mm alright young woman I think u’ve reached a deadlock, what do we do next!! We chant for a breakthrough!! Let’s do it!! Let’s break thru this misery which is not our true identity we are born in saha world to enjoy our lives so tht we can show others how its done! Come on!!

Well to know a woman’s mind is very hard cos half the time she duno it either!

Comms is for old ppl, but even in comms I can expand and rise to the top and be the one making changes in comms and hence progressing in many diff ways to meet people’s needs.

some women get really turned on by men who don’t bend to their will. Maybe vice versa?

A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, vice versa!

Sgi members when we encourage. We don’t give pity. We congratulate and give courage!!

EnCOURAGE. Means giving courage not pity. But giving courage also don’t mean avoiding the person cos ur woried to give them pity!

Its a constant fight with gohonzon! No gohonzon!! Whatever the situation I HAVE to be happy! I HAVE to win!!

Holistic nching is sooo my thing. That really works for me and is where I wanna go. Wanna raise lots for pth so tht it can afford me!!

I liked seeing everyone in pth and enjoying their facilities and all tht and having time for everyone, but I have feeling if I do nching in there for few yrs then ill be bored?! So ill have to see what excites me.

I feel like when I’m on a relationship my identity gets muddled and lost! Must break through and change this cos I’m not gona be alone forever!

U have the power to do what u want with ur life. To write ur own life’s story. If ur ‘want’ u think is to suffer and think because this seems to be ur want and ur gona be suffering now, u have the power to change it to!!! Start with I want to want to be happy

I’m not hiding behind gohonzon. I’m attaching my lower self to my higher self(gohonzon). Even a small fly when attached to a fast horse can reach miles and even us when attached to our greater self can reach miles and achieve great victoriess!!!

I feel like I’m one of a pioneer member for my nepal sgi. đŸ˜€


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