I think our personalities are rather malliable. So is our karma and every single thing apart from the rhythm of mystic law and our buddhahood. Those are the only two certainties in my op.

Now that I’m on a high for so long, 4 days! And even when I see ‘low’ coming, I fight it and change it into a high! “Fight with the gohonzon infront of the gohonzon!!”

I feel like IIII deserve better and good.
Even nching. I feel like maybe there’s more exciting things out there! More my type! But am I being greedy? If so then I hope I don’t become foolish? If so then I hope I don’t become angry/arrogant. The three poisons!! Chant chant chant!!!
O said to me, call me text me hahaha :p

E seemed soooo happy. Reeeealy happy. I loved it! Yes !! That’s how we shud be! Fight! But fight cheerfully!!!

Felt like everyone wanted/wants a piece of me! Inc. Myself! I want me too!!

I think even after sad depressed mode, I spring back up more quicker than before!

Couple of lame jokes = a great comfy convo!

J’s experience yesterday incredible!!!! Loophole
Uni student

Lunch – a tiffin with letter – pictures of food and letter ‘sory I couldn’t make anything tday but maybe I can try one day surely :)’

Emotional – ‘he’s on a suicide watch’
I think when ur other half is struggling u must look after him. But I myself was terribly ill. How could I!!! Struggling relationships. But I’m very happy in the background.

Please even if ur angry, hurt, neutral etc just speak to the gohonzon and say whatever ur feeling, my heart goes out to u and I’m praying for ur growth and development. Forward! Upward! And onwards!!

V – struggle for success will make you a master but struggle for satisfaction will make u a legend! Strive for excellence and be a legend!!

Say no!! Whoever they maybe! Member! Leader! Mother! Urself’s doubts! Say no!! I decide to be happy and I will be happy!

If we always do what we’ve always done then we’ll always get what we’ve always got! I’ve realised it this week from my own exp.. Let’s chant for breakthrough!!!!

And for clarity and for many other things.. And then chanting becomes.. Reciting all that we feel we need to chant for! But but chant from ur heart and to be happy


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