But good things have to come to an end. And better ones have to replace them

Fight! But fight cheerfully!

So much to sgi materials (emails, newsletters, ebulletin, study materials) to read and enjoy!!

Omg I think I just saw a wedding dress in zara!!??

Guidance – work hard where ur at atm.
Snatching some quiet time in the midst of this exciting rush!!

I feel like when I’m vulnerable or almost.. I get stronger by fighting infront of gohonzon and I get rewarded with a faaab week full of exciting happy moments! Only difference is I make it happy and exciting by chanting. Otherwsie there are numberless potentials for things to go wrong anyway

Mum and me are really begining to enjoy our company πŸ™‚

When I’m happy I’m more effective for kosen rufu.

Its not about winning (altho its a cherry on top if u do!). Its about taking part.

Ur like a yoga mat, become a mattres?!!

Ur smile is a social service, it reduces tension in the world!

Feeling a bit uncomfy. N and me compitition or what. Want to breakthru!!

Movie scene! Learner.
Wrong miistakes 3 times a week gets a horn

I have become the kinda girl who discusses party plans with mum!! And mum enjoys dresing me up before me leaving the house!! Deeply grateful!!

I was warming up on our seat.. And my two friends was dancing on the floor, and this guy and couple of girls came and asked me to dance!! I just blushed πŸ˜€ I think they thought I was alone.. So kind πŸ™‚ I just ran off to my friends lol I was like no! No! No! Felt A bit rude :p

My legs really ached a lot. My whole muscles aches. I want a healthy body for kosen rufu not an achy breaky! Must change.

Drove arnd beautiful houses in cmbrl.

Still happy today πŸ™‚ but working tomoro after a month so a litle nervous and something does feel right.

Realised something. Was nervous about cu. And then I chanted tht since I’m going blankly I don’t want to miss juicy oppurtunities. Realised its my greediness which is alright. But still not satisfied. Chanted while lookin at pics saw gorgeous houses. And realised. Whatever I want ill get it regardless. What’s the point of grabbing oppts here and there greedily without no mission or to worry? Ill take things as it comes. And enjoy tomoro. Hmm.. Do think of this. Needs correction.

My friend fought with gohonzon πŸ˜€ like she’s havin lotta defeats so she chanted like wtf u want from me! Do u want me to be deafeated? Unhappy? How will I encourage members when I myself don’t have faith?!

But I just chanted in my heart tht no! Things has to change! Karma musnt’nt repeat itself! I want a breakthrough I have to be happy! And I’d say it worked out nicely


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