One of the most exciting aspects of chanting is the steady realization of how everything that is NOT BUDDHA about you is all illusion. 

Just finished. Had a lovely very very busy shift 🙂 and this time I’m getting paid!! Yay!!

A warm Smile from a confident, happy person is needed now more than ever in our world jason jraett

Was drivin home and gave way to a driver. He blew kisses at me lol! I don’t think it was at all sexual, I think it was a “yay humanity is still alive I’m so happy I’m gona blow kiss at this little girl” kinda thing 🙂 + even after work I was looking rather, dare I say, pretty? Hmm could tht be the reason why? :p flattering myself here aren’t I. Oh why not, its harmless ^^

Old man atacking everyone
After 5mins I chanted when he got violent
I chanted he must be safe
I muste be safe + the staffs
Best posible outcome for kr must hapen
And caled security, aparntly they don come for pety things but they came straightaway! And it was sorted!

Oo.. Must be a huge human revolution brewing up honey.. Remember what the environment shows is our deep world within us that makes us aware of its existence quite clearly so that we can decide to change it if its bad.. Or syrengthen it if its good.. If its negative then maybe there’s some strong change coming. U know..

Ma, ba and nan all circled arnd laptop and watching my photos from b party lool

Every single problem has a solution and with gohonzon there’s no deadlock.

Yesterday at work, atleast 4x n asked me to do something and then when I did it, it turned out wrong so she kept getting frustrated, it was so disheartening I. Felt so incapable! Of lack of knowledge 😦 but in my heart I just chanted “gohonzon, this woman clearly thinks I’m incapable, dumb and an idiot but I determine to be happy regardless and do my best joyfully” and the day went very well 🙂 altho this morning I feel a bit uneasy thinking of it, it was my fault that I didn’t know stuff, but its her fault too cos the way she reacted was so inappropriate, how shalll I chant to challenge it ..? Laid it out for my buddha girls.

Chant to find the best posible outcome for kosen rufu right now cos I’m going to work today too, don’t want it to be repeated, or do I?

When I had trouble with lds leave the person alone. They’re on their own journey of human rev too and they ar ebuddhas I must respect them but strive to improve urself, improve the relationship, for them to be happy and speculate only on the law.


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