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As Nichiren Daishonin says, the only one who can really make the determination and become happy is you, but encouragement is absolutely essential. 

She won’t, and I don’t want her to, its not abt that, its just I don’t want to go..!! I think I’m being total selfish. But this is what’s on my mind – I don’t want to go, once or twice in emergency or when we’re free its fine, but kya yar she calls everytime and somehow I don’t like it 😦 she only calls me when she needs me, which is what friends does I guess, but I feel used 😐 and I’d rather stay home and chant cos I’m not interested to go, and somehow I always think.. Because I don’t want to do things tht I don’t want to something that’s not that imp and can be done without me, I’d rather do something else at home, chill or even stay home and chant. True I can create value by going out, but what if I don’t see the point, she can go without me too na? Its trouble tho.. She has to take 1 train and a bus but but I used to do that too?! I just feel selfish and I know I am X_X how can I change this situation around, cos atm I’m totally begrudging and feel obliged

Just becoming bitter.

Dang it, the ticket was for monday And my friend picked it up so she’s feeling terrible. I’m more woried abt what ppl wilkl say and does this mean defeat at all.


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