was late!

Grt ment
He has almost sorted out who’s gona be my sign off
And I came half an hour late! LOL so wooooried!! I thut I’m gna be seen lazy etc ect then asked m to chant for me and she did half an hour powerful one!! It didn break me tht much
Then we realised he almost did the same!! Time mistake!
And reception lady too!!
So it was humurous instead ahaha 😀
We go to lunch together we have good convwerse, its great! Appreciation daimoku 🙂


v and me correspondence

I am quite desperate to e rience a beautiful working experience u know, with every single day going to work very happily and joyfully not begrudging my life and enough of fearful and anxiety, that’s just making me begrudge and creating not very nice causes u know.. And I thought the only way I can change it, is by growing in practice

That’s the. Only sure+ certain way to win, I’m very sure of it.. Everything else, the efforts in work, the support I get, I chant abt each one, each thing tht cld go wrong.. And each thing I want to change from going wrong into fresh momentum for victory from this moment on,

V : Like it won’t do anything for me
So now I have to win and challenge myself

Me : So I’ve decided to aim to complete 1million in 2 months, 40mins gosho study each day and hv/encourage someone, anyone, every singe day this 2months, and mainly all I want is to be happy each day, everything else is secondary,

Me : So far the shifts have been such, tht I’m able to do 3:20 per day and 40mins gosho too and encourage + hv and get enough rejuvenating sleep, and help at home I.e. Take parents for grocery shopping, do the car service etc, and study a little for placement, they even allowed me to study during plt so I have free time at home for practice!!

V: Wowwwww What a wonderful experience Am targeting to finish my daimoku one million this week And make a strong connection with my Shakubokus

Me : I found tht too.. During holiday I wanted to chant as much as I want, study, do whatever I wanted and really wanted!! But it lasted for in and out.. Like some days it was great some days I was a log! And I must not slander myself tht too.. Cos I did worked very hard and it was time to relax.. Duno how sensei says never retreat 😮

But yah.. This plt I can either take as sooo hard and crumble or use it as fresh plt for great change of karma!

🙂 and some others.. So many benefits!!!!! So much to type! So much to chant, I’m just gona cjant to fully share these benefits to people who really needs to hear it and gets inspired by it, at the right time for kosen rufu!! Benefits overflood! And I’m doing my bit too!! So!!

s and me correspondence

S : Lol!!! You can make it a ‘determination. All you have to do is ‘DECIDE’!! Good luck with your plct. Just chant for your buddhahood to shiine so that you can create value for kosen-rufu. The rest will take care of itself. Also chant to connect with the buddhahood of everyone you meet there! Trust Gohonzon… We’re just arrived. Nam-Myoho-Renge–Kyo …

Me : Thank u 🙂 I chanted abt tht guidance and it did help.. I realise I am almost scared to determine something incase challenges come up lool, so I’m kinda half determining and chanting for protection and support at workplace and everywhere, have a really good day with lots of oppurtunity to utilise ur wisdom, awarenness of compassion and courage to create beautiful day of value to advance kosen rufu!!

S : FULLY determine to find your way & TRUST Gohomzon 100%! That’s the only way to have actual proof. Gohonzon will never give us what is wrong for our life, only what will help us grow through doing our human revolution. As Sensei’s disciples we should have no fear. I am struggling with the same as you (feeling unwell again as my lymph glands are hurting, didn’t sleep well & still lying down) so it is no coincidence that we have met! We can support each other on our journey to becoming happy 🙂 Must get up to do Gongyo. Negativity & fear are holding me down right now. I must get up…

Me : Thank u 🙂 yes sgi is so beautiful.. The way it enables us to support each other using out practice as tool! U know I find the guidance a little hard to take.. Because I know its the truth, and I know I must adapt that kind of determination.. Thank u for highlighting it to me 🙂 I’m chanting right now till 1’o clock, sending u daimoku and lots of strength and vitality to get up and freshen up and do daimoku + gongyo!

I want to grow and develop in my life, open up new victories, experiences and live each day without fear and anxiety but instead with solid determinations to advance kosen rufu with lotsa protection and support strenghtenin myself in the journey and being strong.


And only sunday off! Then from monday start again! O wow.. What a busy but productive and fulfilling 2months its going to be! Bring it on, moi is ready  with high life state, daimoku + study, I’m ready to be happy and get thru it all and create value for kosen rufu regardless!! And I will be victorious

My victory is set when I’m happy everyday going to work happily with no anxiety/fear
And leaving fulfilled with good day’s work
And any tackling challenges with lots of happiness and with lotss of support from my envnmnt for my growth and dev and happiness and for other’s too!!
And to change upcoming challenges into great experiences for growth cheerfully!!


I want her to be happy
Her resolve to kr strengthen due to this presentation
Her life force topped up for an exhilarating exciting something new straight from the heart, joyful, creative presentation!
Her life state to be very high to enjoy presenting cheerfully
Her professors, audience to be very touched and enjoy the presentation fully
For her to connect with their hearts and create a beautiful eternal heart-heart bond to advance kosen rufu
For her to be very supported by her environent and for everyone to encourage her to do her best!
And for others to feel supported and for them to do their best too
I want all of them to win today in their hearts and for his presentation to spiral great momentum of victory from now on in their lives
I want channis marker to give her great feedback and encouragement + genuine praises
I want her to shine as sensei’s disciple, our group member, as a ywd, nichiren buddhist, as soka gakkai member, and as a wonderful buddha in human form!