16th aug.

Till 16th I’m setting these determination

So I have like, 15days
1) Work 7am-3pm 5 days a week (money, as well as mum dad will be happy otherwise they won’t let me go to sumer course or be too nvolved in sgi)
2) Chant. With 1 member every day
3) Study 40mins per day
4) Lilac chief for chapter study (duno if ill do it :s but tryna stretch myself from comfort zone)
5) Host discussion meeting for this month
6) Cooke 1 meal per day EVERDAY (mum and dad will be over the moon)
7) 2hrs 20mins daimoku target

But duno my goals..
1) Something to do with finance has to improve, and shudnt worry us – related to car, 5 bed house, debt 2) responsibility – shud be completely hapy abt group leader 3) career – clarity whatever! have to be fully happy abt it!

No mahadev and diya bati until 20th aug otherwsie it’ll take all my time.

Let’s stick to it!


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