I need strength and discipline to stick to it.
Need to go deeper this time.
Block out anything tht seems negative thought.

Tht slugish period is scary u know, cos then I need and I wait for something to pick me up, either an experience of my own or encouragement by somepne, this time it was vs, and ms’ spirit combined with p’s as a last push


U know agreeing to go to work for me, is like agreeing to listen to ppl saying how useless I am, how small I am for the job needed to be done, which is like 30% of the time in a day, and working hard and pushing myself but still with little or no acknowledgement cos everyone else is working as much hard, or knows various shortcuts and does more work with less effort, affects me so much man, I know.. I must persevere but dude!

Why not earn 1m for agreeing to listen to all tht bulls either which ways, LOL

Have to polish myself.

OK I get it. I’m terible. Making terible causes. But wailing ka kya faida! Have to change fr a better future! Why not start now??


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