On a deep level I don’t mind working (I think)
In fact all my life till now I’ve believed in hard work and wonder why ppl becomes lazy buggers.
But but, I see ppl like homi adajania, who loves leisure and b.hasegawa, retiring early and lived conservativey in vegas for a month without working! What !!! Yes I want tht too!! Working whenever I feel like. Like Casanova, flying arnd like a wandering kite. Mm I like tht.

I find it awful that we are living paycheck-to paycheck kinda lives.
We work on weekdays and wait with seething teeths tired knackers and xhausted for the weekends.
And live the mundane life. O. M. G. Save moi!

This person clearly takes me for granted, doesn’t treats me well and whenever a favor is asked, I’m unable to say no. I feel terible! He must have felt like this then, what a terible person I am! Sob story.

Dear ice cream van, can u please not be so loud?!!! I’m tryna chant here. Sincerely. – crazy woman.

Altho being used. Has been lessened. I still don’t like it when it happens. Its probly my views.

Oh man. I just wanna live a good decent life become a buddha and that’s it. I just want an end. Somehow I want to exit gracefully and forever. I don’t see a point.
A meaning.
Why the faak shud we live?!
Ok I chant abt it,
Where’s the answer
It probly brewing up but I don’t see it.

I’m lookin at a dull boring limited future.
Gona be working like a pig in a career that I still don’t like.
Working hard in a place tht I find meaningless.
Cook for family
Live a mundane life.
Not wanting to live adventurous life either.

I know NOTHING will change until we change. It starts with us. However I don’t see anything changing iin me, I.e. Nothings gona change. O great.

The best that this kinda prayer is gona do is help me boble along life but isn’t there meant to be. More?!!


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