I’m looking at afirmations and using the ones I relate to, to chant with. Powerful combo!!

“I am open to loving myself.”
I am open to finding MY perfect life, whatever that may be.
I release myself to make healthy decisions
I’m open to chant from my heart
I came to this saha world to shine for kosen rufu.

I am open to having great friends that I can spend my life with.

I’m willing to listen to my heart, find out what’s being a burden and use it as my fuel and a cause for growth of my happiness and of course others’

I choose to age gracefully.
I choose to live gracefully.
I choose to welcome uplifting people in my life. And use my strength and with wisdom allow negative sad people to be joyful and capable of creating value.

I want to be active in sgi but I must remember to treasure myself and my environment. Going against loved ones isn’t gona fare well. I must do it creatively and smartly so tht they doesn’t get too annoyed.

So thankful tht I can have tap my beautifulness via miranda’s light.

Never understimate the power of positive self image/affirmations.


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