degree ♥

At this age.
I want a degree for my happiness.
I want a degree that I’m proud of.
I want a degree that is valuable to me aswell via which create value in many people’s lives.
I want an. Education for joy.
I want an education and eventually a degree that’ll open a beautiful career for me that’ll build my happiness day by day.
I want to have good hygiene habits.
But I don’t want to be perfect iron maiden.
I still want to be approachable, humane and fool around.

Shine with not selective persons but with everyone. 🙂

I want to be a girls girl like nching.
I always feel like there’s lot to learn from nching field but I don’t want to be trapped there. I want to move away and grow and develop constantly for better.
Upwards. Onwards.
And the learning process shudnt be daunting and awkward. E.g. Nnew place always awkward. No, it shud be joyful and value creating arthat problems but handled in creative way to my surprise and others’ with my tapped wisdom.

Apart from him, I must also have lively healthy social life. And friends to have banter with.

He mustnt be my honzon but a good teamwork for a relationship with a heart not robotic.

Every action I take will create value and a good cause. E.g. Cutting tomato is little action but its a start to get me moving and creating value with countless benefits, mum happy, me learn – not satisfied with this life but 60% sats

I’m looking at afirmations and using the ones I relate to, to chant with

This jekyll and hyde persona really seems to be one of the root of my discomfort and limitations. And the fear of the way ppl might percieve them.

I want to hv + daimoku + study each day.

Honestly dunno how sgi activities helps me to open up theoretically but it helps!!


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