love it ♥

Listening to dips interview
Checking out new stuff on popshop + asos
I think its good to treasure urself via makeup and looking good and stuff even while in a relationship

Isn’t it just so fab listening to miranda. She just shines and makes my accent go australian. :D!

Reminded me to treasure myself 🙂

U know when I think of it. Perhaps I have jekyll and hyde persona. I want it to be gone!!

Jealousy, and all the negative feelings creates negative effects too. Its v. Hard to change the mood but think of m kerr! And being mindful to create beautiful causes.

Sometime its hard to

I want to be with a man.
Someone who and I share beautiful cosy strong friendship

I ♥♥ how mk handles crushes and flirts from ppl 🙂

Word of the day by mk – yoga

I’m open to being healthy.
I’m open to being happy.

I’m really open to treasure myself 🙂

I want to be vibrant. Loving.
Kind. Compassionate. Courageous. Creative. Wise. Fresh. Energetic. Stylish. Beautiful. Skin/hair/clothes. Playful. Light shine. Moral. Positive. Encouraging. Inspiring. Friendly. Get along well. Create value. Make beautiful causes. Approachable. Sensual. Sexy. Budhhahood to shine.

If I’m like this then 😮 what will I do!! Where will my lower self go?? What will I d with it?!

And I want to be with the right guy who appreciates these qualities of mine, wishes of mine and still treasures my lower self too? Encouraging and uplifting me to enjoy my life. With whom I can create lots of value and participate in sgi activities and practice faith together joyfully. Playfully!

Mum and dad and whole family + comunity + friends must like him.
He’ll create beautiful bond with each one.
And same with me with his side of people.

He must be wise to realise how to handle my bad sides creatively and we must make music out of the bads.

Humor is such a good tool. Not sarcasm but humor.

Want to make some clothes.


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