I know my working relationships haven’t been tht great ever consistently.
Some days its good then not so good.
And I’ve never been a girl’s girl of general population at work either.
I want my working relations to improve significantly despite the heirarchy, gender, skills.
A really productive work environment
A really satisfying day of work
I duno m&h that well atm.
I want to improve my m&h skills and be useful today of what little knowleedge I have of today.
I don’t want to be humiliated by the lack of it.
But with humble and humility I want to learn and improve my m&h a lot.
So tht I can manvre safely any postn.
I really want pt to be very happy.
I want to activate my buddhahood
Tap my wisdom + courage + compassion and likewise tap it in the ppl arnd me too.
I want the bosses to be very happy with lots of love and peace in their heart so tht people under are influenced by her character.
I want each one tht I’m working with today to flourish and improve their lives day by day happily+joyfully for kosen rufu.
I want each one to be aware of the law at some point in their lives.
I want to have heart to heart connection with each one.
And have a heart-heart connection+dialogue abt law with 1 person who is seeking the law.

Because of my preparation of yesterday for work today.
Today I’m very well settled and prepared easily.
Everything was where I could find it.

I want to have playful.
Fun working relationship from now on starting with today.

Advice to friend with a friiend she doesn’t get along well with:-
Daimoku + wisdom tapped as well as compassion for heart+heart dialogue
So that ur relationship with her becomes bearable+more pleasant from NOW ON. Buddhist spirit 😉

Sometimes I wonder choosing to tackle things positively is whether going against my heart because my heart is actually or maybe negative sometimes.
But that isn’t my true self my true rawest self is buddhahood.
My buddha nature and I wish to attach my self to higher self and free from lower self of greed + anger + foolishness.

I’m a being of light.


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