so sweet

She said its nice to hug a mum!
D coming soon
S came!! Mystically I finished early enough. I thought itd be at 3.
I’m cnstd. Oof ma!
Wanted to feed d, thank god mum made so much biryani today just like tht! Perfect to treat her with it!
Good commnctn with the st was really useful today.
E.g. Was gna do by1 and I told s abt it and she said oo I’m on tht why don’t u do urs? Etc so I learn something abt it.
Good thing I told her abt it otherwise wouldn’t had known and would ave done others work insteadf of my own.

Praise ur life.
Ur slandering urself.
Trust urself.
You are the gohonzon.
Start where ur at.

I think the word is formality

Really sleepy gona sleep and finish targets tomoro..

D told me she gets the same guidance from everywhere.
I get the same guidance too! Every single person tells me to persevere and change the situation and stay in the situation in nching.
And new way will open up.


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