T coming to mine yepie
Still not sure what action to take regarding s.
Maybe pre-paid taxi? Under a tenner would be good.
Maybe favor from c?
Wonder what c and my day will be like.
From now on, I want it to be joyful.

This desire to do something e.g. Cleaning the heater even if it is gona be thrown is an opp for me to create value.

I want to respect her life.
Praise her life.
Treasure our friendship.
No begrudgement.
Best decision to come out of it.
I’m afraid of how she’ll react to it.

😀 thanks v 😉 just whatsapped her the story, I realised I was mostly afraid of what her reaction would be
Which was afffecting my courage to tell her,

U trained me yar, faith really is daily life! And both aren’t isolated I learnt 😉 hum aapke shukra gujar haye <=-P

Told dad and b tht king asoka was reincarnated as buddha.
B and dad both makes fun of me.
I need lot of happiness
To converse with b in a very joyful, respected way to have tht heart to heart dialogue about buddhism.

King asoka did help buddhism to be widely known due to his position power and faith. So regardless, that propagation is amazing 🙂


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