I want this kind of high life state to be my dominant state of life.

I wanted him to still be happy and strong regardless of brk up unlike previous time with s.
Duno why but my tendency was to hurt him and upset him and push his buttons
Changed that karma of ours 🙂

For whatever reason he’s cynical and struggles to believe in the law but his relation to the law is opposition and mocking
But I read poison drum relationship! How fab!
Even if they oppose, they still formed a connection with the law so it’ll change and he’ll be enlightened regardless due to the seed 🙂

Fighting with b’s negativity
I need lot of creativity
To have joyful heat-heart dialogue with him and still come out of it with my sanity intact.

Whether its on phone/text/personally
I still want to treasure and respect them.

Think ill tell abt work mate to c
And meet them together
So there’s no awkward/insecure aura arnd
Lot of work from my side!
To make sure both are comfy!


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