L!!!!! I met c yesterday and we went to h lake and I remembered ur bday there or kasko thyo re :s but it was someone’s bday there, and I mentioned ur name then we talked abt t and u for a while and just to let u know, we were admiring u guys’ relationship :):) its sooo nice, an inspiration for us :p we were like wow 5 yrs :O

Gohonzon I want to
Tap my buddhahood
My wisdom to realise what’s the best way to chant for my neighbour.

I always want to have
To treasure people in daily life

Even its just for 1sec encounter or 10hr I want to treasure their life and respect them.
And be creative and fun!
With lots of playfulness!
And humor

I pray that my future daughter will attract nice men and will be attracted to men of value
Of creativity
Kosen rufu man for her life.
Enabling her to grow and develop.
I hope she strays away from destructive relations 🙂

I’m changing the way I communicate abt the law
Instead of sayin ill chant abt it I tell them ill tap my wisdom and take an action
Or if they ask me what I’m doing
I tell them I’m enjoying the evening
Tapping my wisdom
Realising things
Having a date with my life
Talking to my mirror lol
Creative life?

Its ok infact its goood to read other things apart from buddhism tht excites u
Like human success
Stars and all
Inspiring bigoraphies
Enriching and making us whole

I’m tempted to tell secrets but if it won’t create value then why say?!
It must be creative and positive

Every single moment I’m really in rhythm with the universe right now

I want to have a very fulfiflling
Enriching day
Shine my buddhahood

I want to put vd’s name on the altar to change the nature of our friendship
The true nature is beautiful
It gets afffected by karma and stuff
I think if I changed vd and my friendhsip then it’ll affect each and other similar type of cold, mean relationships into beautiful value creating
Supportive friendship

Where both party are equal and treasured.
Not she below me
I below her
Because of favours

Gohonzon I want to tap my beautiful playfulness.
And I want to tap my courage to BE playful 🙂
And not just daydream abt it only :p

1hr daimoku this morning was so easy
Don’t wanna talk so soon tho
Cos still 10mins left
Then ill study for 10mins and do daily life’s duties.
Then if time remains then ill tap my wisdom and have dialogue with my life again 😉

I really want my teeth to be healthy
Strong till old age
Healthy till old age
And whiter!
Its stained ish atm 😦
I need oopurtunity


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