Even if u sleep thru my lecture itsfine.
Its being soaked by ur skin and its going deep in ur life.
Sensei trained
Mr saito.


Entity means appearance hence we are mystic law but with 32 physical features to be seen, and not like the air, but in human realm, living a physical life but we are the mystic law! It was so clear the way she explained

And mr s once said , he was some of the disciple tht sensei trained for gosho studies and so forth. And after an amazing lecture sensei used to tell them, “now then the lecture is finished but please don’t worry if u can’t remember anything after this meeting, it has sinked deep in ur life and it will come out and be useful when u most need it”. Wow! I’m blown away with this ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and yrs later mr s

Was debt ridden, then he rememberd a key point from sesnei’s lecture on some gosho, I forgot must be opening of the eye, and at tht moment he had this light bulb moment! And he felt deep in his heart what sensei’s lecture meant because of his situation

And that moment he took a key action based from sensei’s lecture and totally transformed the situation

One lady had asked them “sometimes I can’t take goshos to heart, sometimes it doesn’t make sense, can I read it mindlessly too?” They said both counts! The quality study is very important and normally reading is fine aswell becausue it all stays in our subconscious and u read something else some other day, and one day they all link up and u realise somethinng fundamental, so both are valuable. Cos they both require our effort and no effort is wasted in faith ๐Ÿ™‚ how amazing

During the course, Mrs t said to them, cos they were all falling asleep, she said to them u don’t wory if u fall asleep. Its going deep in our soul, ur skin is absorbing it, ur subconscious is storing it, so well done for coming and don’t wory if u fall asleep ๎’amazing..

They shud say tht at our schools!!!

Today I’m definately leading the life of my dreams.
Rosy c
I’m becoming the girl I used to be, encouraging, wise.
But in a better version and more wiser I think! Cos of lessons I learnt from this practice.

E’s convo was amaaazing she got a job!!!!! Wuhu!! The one tht she wants!!
got a job after 8months!! In this economy!! :). She got the job that she likes, and its so nice cos it allows her to do the course and have time to sort things out before starting the job, because for 8months she spent each day giving her best in all interviews, job applications, presentations so very proud of her

My neighbour is ill.
Wanted to shakubuku those 2 lovely men few months ago.
Me and mum felt very sad and empathy.
He’s such a happy man always smiling and so hard working.
We’re planning to send him card and artificial flower for hospital.
And maybe shakubuku them? :p
But I won’t push it, I must treasure and respect their lives ๐Ÿ™‚
Ill maybe do creatively and I’m chanting for him to be happy right now.
I pray tht his son is handling business well
I send lots of strength
And his son’s buddhahood to shine to handle the business alone atm.
I pray that his family is doing very well and coping well
I pray for his family’s health and happiness and prosperity.

T advised me to set goals
before the course
During the course
After the course
And for gp
And em
๐Ÿ˜€ sooo many opps!


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