Quite into bouquets and flowers.. Want to do florist course as a summer course..

Racking in my savings now.. Gona go yoga tomoro with c 🙂
Haven’t studied and haven’t chanted my deadline and didn’t do hv.
Tomoro I’ve set a plan. Want to stick to it.
And I wannt family to support me.

Weather was rainy today according to weather forcast yesterday.
Today is the only time all family off.
Tomoro s goes back to work.
And! I checked this morning and it’ll be sunny all day! Fantastic!
On second thought. I checked weather yesday for ashot
And today for va-jay-jay

Since ill be in work 3 days next week. Maybe I won’t have time for hvs
What I want is.. I have a desire to shakubuku.. So 3 ppl in 3 shifts?

At s’s her house is a beauty.


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