Very upset tht phone died and last post was all deleted.
Have been told not to go tomoro morning..
C will be upset?
M d will be upset
I will be upset

If I go as well everyone will be upset?

My muscles everywhere aching
Wanted to go bk yoga tomoro
But p started- aftero
Which means awkward with stuff too

Been chanting everywhere other than infront of gohonzon properly.
As soon as tht hapens I feel overwhelmed and anxious

M showing wierd feelings, she likes me or what :I

Vw was alright.. Rather nice..
Houses were pretty
M is very very insecure and unhappy
5am library they’re shocked and doesn’t believe
Wondering whether I should move out but the expense? And am I ready to leave home comfort?
What will others say?

Sunday film?
A e’s get to?
M woried abt what bb will say..

Last time I went to k’s and cs
And m was very hurt and humiliated

Keeps pointing out after gz lots of money gone..

My future plans gona take place?
Spoke to two members.. Felt so drained?
My daimoku timer hadn’t started
I’m tired and duno what determination to write
Have to study 40mins and I’m dead sleepy

S refused to go and I felt like I lost


1) I want to spend lovely quality time with c
Md to say please go happily at 4:50am
2) I want to call everyone and update t
3) Ii want m d to be very happy and supportive
4) Yoga
5) Body to feel fit and healthy
6) I want to be happy
– full of life force
– tap my
– wisdom
– compassion
– courage

7) What shall I focus on?what do I want? What’s best for kosen rufu?


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