Amazing 1st gm
I thought.. Initially I was slandering myself a lot.
Was soooo happy when one by one each one was treasured, listened to. Loved it.
My prayers were answered there and then.
I felt e was looking at me going -_^ u aint talkin or what, but I felt like I won later on..
There were tears.. Claps..
This was victory
Great gm to get to know each other and break thru from this moment on.
I thought m thought I’m such a lazy and not bothered BUT when is said abt my hv she was sooo happy and thought I’m better thn she thought?
So the prayer is to..
Share my heart, connect my heart with theirs,
uplift their spirit
They must feel very happy
I want important messages to be said joyfully, creatively, clearly.
Guidance left now for today..
I want each one to be happy even after the course!!

Each one to share their heart and
Be involved
Reveal their potential from now on
Shine like the sun always
Connect their hearts with each other
I want each one to have rejuvenating sleep
And very joyful value creative discussion tomorrow that just flows..

Struggled to treasure e.. But I try again with prayer and daimoku.

45mins wasn’t enough! There was a hitch and quieteness :p but they got the message tht just do what u want!


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