I want L to be very happy
I want her personal life to flourish
For her familial dream to come true
Through my daimoku

I want the staff
C, h, n, d, p, p’s fam, ps

to be very nice to me and nice to each other genuinely
I want each one to be very happy and to have a good and happy day
I want them to realise their buddhahood and reveal it
I want them to realise their dreams and desires and shine like the sun
I want to shine my buddhahood too
I want the day to be very manageable and extremely fulfilling + productive
I want to get along very well with my n
I want to get the best bay to create value
I want to create maximum value today
I’m going to tap my limitless reservoir of wisdom, compassion and courage and feel comfortable going to work instead of fear
I’m going to get to root of this fear joyfully and transform it into buddha quality
I want m to be very happy
And for her to stay until monday and do maximum human rev joyfully with lots of protection and create lots of value
No matter how much I chant, I wanna chant more!

U know its strange that every traffic light today was red!
Hmm.. I need to up my wisdom and strength to make it a valuable day aye

Feeling a bit of friction with people.. But confused how to chant.
I want to bring forth my buddhahood and simultaneously see their too


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