11. Not just me but I want sh to do really well and grow + develop too alongside me, supporting each other, as well as ab

12. Very healthy supporting each other

13. Comptition and unfriendliness to change, my tendencies I want to change from within so tht I can change my environment

14. I want to chant everyday with the same determination and ichinen to breakthrough!! and for life force

15. Really want to go for yoga!

16. I want to be happy

17. I want to change my karma from this moment on.

18. I want to be looked out for like tht n did to sh

19. I want to have joyful conversation just like sh and the other ns abt footie even tho she don like ftball

20. I want my car to looked after wisely and compassionately. I want it to be done correctly and for my car to be safe to drive and take home tomoro,

21. My sheepts!!!

22. I want de’s welfare

23. Just read abt karma, wanna change my karma.

24. I want to know wht I really want, what my life craves for? What excites me? What’s my mission?

Encouragement from happines chant

“Sit and think of that person with a huge smile on their face…a huge smile. And chant for their happiness, whether it is a sincere prayer or not. And do you know what will happen. Sooner or later it will turn into a sincere prayer. And you will have changed. And so will the other person!
Remember, you can’t always feel it or see it, but all of life is interconnected. Chanting for someone else’s happiness is as good as chanting for your own. Maybe even better!”

“If you want to change a troubling relationship into a fabulous one, watch your actions, and refuse to join the folks who are badmouthing the person whose happiness you are chanting for so deeply. 
” Maybe difficult while u chant for m atm, but persevere and do chant without pretense 🙂 when our heart change to actually chanting for them to be genuinely happy, that’s called human rev, when we change the world changes 😉 its. True!!

You may think that your chanting for the difficult person is about THEM. But NO! It is about your human revolution. It is about YOU creating the flow of energy that will attract only amazingly great things into your life! It is about you changing from the inside so that you can build a solid sense of self that will be strong and happy NO MATTER WHAT your circumstances!!! It is about YOU, and the other person…and YOU are leading the way for the happiness of all humanity. YOU are opening the door to happiness in your life, in the life of the “difficult” person, and in the happiness of us all because, as you know so well…we are all interconnected!!!


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