day 2

Day 1 was almaling.. A bit of looking at ceiling and what nots.. Feeling out of place
Day 2! No such feeling!
Was doing something all the time, joked with ment
2 days of placement gone and I’ve upped my daimoku .. Really wanted to experience going to work without anxiety and these past 2 days I haven’t felt slightest bit nervous or anxious in the mornings!! And I’m also wishing to change my working relations.. So far its a wish only not a solid determination cos I’m wondering whether it is at all possible to have great working relationships every day from this moment on!! Or atleast for my budhahood to shine so I can handle ppl who are stressed and not in good mood in better way then to curl up in self pity..
Chanting to change myself from the core so tht others can be happy and so tht I can enjoy good healthy workin relationships
Chanted to be useful and joyful
Today I was quite useful! And initiated just like yesterday at o’s!
She was my study mentor!
So it was safe env to ask
And used tht same in today.. Lot better!
Initiated to call ray, egs, check trolleys and few more 🙂
Trying to understand jargon and way of things so tht 1st I need to be supported, then 2nd I get independent 3rd I get to support others and initiate new ideas! Only after I know the foundations
Great day 🙂 cos m said great work and thankyou so much 🙂 that really lifted me up!! Wasn’t expecting!
Stuck to basics..
Read book abt the workplace really good
Spoke to sd and got to know her and smiles too..
Imagined how it can be.. Awkward.. Shy away from me and stick to her ment and other stafffs in her domain and look down upon me.. Like n, so chanted to change tht from now on, and since I’m doing so much for faith aaand daily life.. It just has to protect me and my prayers must be answered!
My life force has to be up and stable so tht I can get thru things cheerfully and happily even if it doesn’t go my way
Relation with c has improved downside up
Challenges deefintly is coming.. Pars and me getting no-yes type thing.
C cancelled tomoro.. Some time leased


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