s and me correspondence

S : Lol!!! You can make it a ‘determination. All you have to do is ‘DECIDE’!! Good luck with your plct. Just chant for your buddhahood to shiine so that you can create value for kosen-rufu. The rest will take care of itself. Also chant to connect with the buddhahood of everyone you meet there! Trust Gohonzon… We’re just arrived. Nam-Myoho-Renge–Kyo …

Me : Thank u 🙂 I chanted abt tht guidance and it did help.. I realise I am almost scared to determine something incase challenges come up lool, so I’m kinda half determining and chanting for protection and support at workplace and everywhere, have a really good day with lots of oppurtunity to utilise ur wisdom, awarenness of compassion and courage to create beautiful day of value to advance kosen rufu!!

S : FULLY determine to find your way & TRUST Gohomzon 100%! That’s the only way to have actual proof. Gohonzon will never give us what is wrong for our life, only what will help us grow through doing our human revolution. As Sensei’s disciples we should have no fear. I am struggling with the same as you (feeling unwell again as my lymph glands are hurting, didn’t sleep well & still lying down) so it is no coincidence that we have met! We can support each other on our journey to becoming happy 🙂 Must get up to do Gongyo. Negativity & fear are holding me down right now. I must get up…

Me : Thank u 🙂 yes sgi is so beautiful.. The way it enables us to support each other using out practice as tool! U know I find the guidance a little hard to take.. Because I know its the truth, and I know I must adapt that kind of determination.. Thank u for highlighting it to me 🙂 I’m chanting right now till 1’o clock, sending u daimoku and lots of strength and vitality to get up and freshen up and do daimoku + gongyo!

I want to grow and develop in my life, open up new victories, experiences and live each day without fear and anxiety but instead with solid determinations to advance kosen rufu with lotsa protection and support strenghtenin myself in the journey and being strong.


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