Felt like square 1 again sigh.
Is it the high expectation upon myself from myself that’s causing me the grief? 1st there’s. But ur a 3rd, then there’s but u’ve been here for a month.
Not geting along
Don’t think I’m coping very well. I’m just coping alright-ish


wow what a day!!

Mildly bad day 🙂
Kept wondering wtf! Why am I doing this again? Why am I here? Why can’t I escape? This n thing
Losing the meaning
Ppl workin with, not so good, duno what changed.
Well id done 5hrs at taplow, maybe tht stirred something.
Kept Going none the less

From jamie’s blog

“how incredibly cool her first month has been…how appreciated she is…how she feels she has found a home…how perfectly she understands her role there and how much she loves the actual job and the people. It is HER job, and that’s what she was chanting for. She didn’t get discouraged because it didn’t appear for a while. She kept chanting…undaunted…and she kept encouraging people…and bringing people to meetings…and she KNEW she would be victorious. ”

Forgoteting this: –

There are a few key things I want to pass along to you today. Remember when you are having challenges with ANY PERSON…ANYWHERE to chant sincerely for their happiness. It works 100% of the time. Don’t believe me! Try it yourself. We are ALL connected. Chanting for others brings happiness to them, to you, to all of life. This is Buddhism. This is the pure energy of interconnectivity that we live in. Isn’t it wonderful!”


And another thing….you are WORTHY of EVERY HAPPINESS and EVERY DESIRE! You are WORTHY! You were born worthy! You are so wonderful and precious, so beautiful and new. The world has never seen a more beautiful being with a bigger heart than YOU! Please chant for ANYTHING you desire…even if your friends tell you you shouldn’t. Tapping into your real, honest and true desire will lead you to chant sincerely and become the happiest YOU possible. ”

I’m a sucker for appreciation and praises esp when I’ve worked hard. Oh dearie :p

chapar chapar

Needs improving: –
– Desiring to chill but do want to chant aswell.. Duryodha.

– Struggling to enjoy + practice strongly.

– need to improve my speed of work

So tired. A month of full time wrkin and not even a single day’s rest even on off days. very tired, wonder what I shud. Do for my off day then, to rejuvenate

Need. Life force.

good guidances!

Mr Toda stated: if u hav strong faith, even peopl who r not practicing wil come to ur aid. [As d lotus sutra states] ‘Although devil n devil peopl wil b der, dey wil al protect d law of d buddha’. Such r d workings of buddhism”. Its jus as it says in d lotus sutra- peopl wid strong faith can make evrythin in der envt function as an ally….
Mr Toda gave d following guidance: “First decide wat u will do n be determined to succeed widout fail. The outcome hinges on ur commitment. This is d philosophy for success”. Let’s all make a firm commitment to succeed, to b victorious n become happy!!.

Guidance to me 🙂

Ask for gohonzon dat if thts ur dream den u shud see path for it as in u shud see clarity on it n u shud get opportunities frm it…n u knw wat s u can do it…ur very young..u shud really study….u can work ur whole life…bt not study

determine to go no matter what and the universe will respond u’ll c