I want to be happy
I want a to be very happy and joyful abt working today and prepared for her shift
A to expect and know that she’s working with me today and welcome with open arms!
I pray that her family is in good health and happy and brimming with laughter!
I pray for her growth happiness and development in her life always and towards advancing kr alongside me and everyone else joyfully and achieve her enlightenment and connect with the law
I pray that we get along well buddha to buddha level with lots of respect
I want to learn from her
Skills for e nching
Her role
How can nch use her for best q c care
The way of enps
The jargons
The way of doing things
Tips for me to create maximum value in pltmt
I want to tap my wisdom, and compassion and courage! To create maximum value by spending time and learning with her
I want her to welcome me to follow her arnd joyfully
I want to converse and heart – heart dialogue with her joyfully
Happily and
I want her to be happy regardless!
I want my daimoku to achieve all this
I want to trust my daimoku
I want the best possible outcome for kosen rufu to happen, I want to use my limitless wisdom, compassion,courage and buddha nature to create value and advance kosen rufu with buddha way of thinkin, acting and speaking
I want it to be great, fulfilling day!!
Any akwardness, fear to be changed from THIS MOMENT ON for great momentum of victory and happiness!!
I pray that she enjoys working with me and for us to develop great joyful bond to advance kosen rufu
I want her to be very happy and radiate tht happiness whoever she meets and esp her family!!


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