I think its greaaaaat that those feelings didn’t came up banging while u were concentrating on ur project! It could have easily swayed u something as deep as that! What a protection! Benefit!

2) Yes this is similar feeling that all of us seem to be facing, after hard work of 8months during this 3 months summer holiday I was a complete slob! Since I dint had any study priority to push myself, I was so chilled out and indulged in pure laziness! Right after big victory, it seems to be like that! Lol its ok to feel like tht, cos these are momentary victory I feel this is what sensei means by fleeting happiness, while it lasts its great! But shortlived! It IS our efforts, our practice and all the support we receive, tht made iit happen, and now time for next one!! Which is clearly ur relationship arena, and u’ll win in this too, ur already winning by determining to win for sensei, personal reasons,and for kosen rufu regardless of these kind of relationships or circumstances that directly attacks ur vulnerable areas, these are our in our hands to change, dunno how but the tool is alwaaays the practice I feel, so whenever uget tht feelings, even if tht friend and ur ex is gona be together, sod it! Wish them luck! Chant for their happiness, They’re buddhas and maybe they’re meant to be! Whatever! But u know deep within that u deserve something really beautiful and a person tailor made for u to support u and walk alongside u to advance kosen rufu, if its him then ofcourse u’l realise if its not him then u know he’ll be perfect for u and u’ll meet him anyways, so with this spirit keep moving and winnig every day cheerfully, no defeat or regressing feeling in crying or begrudgment, chant about ur ill feelings then resolve that this kind of feelings u don’t want to carry around, u’d rather be cheerful and get busy with kosen rufu activities and all that other stuffs that needs to be done!! 🙂


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