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A member has moved to another district and there’s hardly any members there.. All members are very far away, so home visits + attending meetings are barely possible and takes loong journeys, I’ve advised her to chant for more members so tht she can attend lots of joyful meetings, so she’s asking me whether its possible to carry out the 3 pillars? Faith, practice and study! Cos atm she’s only doing daimoku + study but not much in touch with members on a weekly/daily basis, and she’s wondering she’s missing out on good fortune by not going to meetings? I have simiilar question! Just wondering what u would say šŸ™‚


As far as your m first ques goes- 3 pillars of our practice- is very important that we do activities as well! And your advice to the member to chant to have more members was very apt- that is a very good thing to do indeed. But till then since is so far away and not possible to do meetings even on a weekly basis- tht is fine! There is nthn misusing because the heart or the ichinen to do activities is still there. But also in such circumstances its also possible to chant in domei, to talk on phn to keep in constant touch or message each other – can also constitute as doing an activity- cos it doesn’t matter how far sort we may be- its the heart that is important, and to keep laying those causes in whatever way we can !

Please rally appreciate this members desire to do activities and really encourage her to still connect with the members however far they might be based on daimoku- and lay down the causes for new members to come closer to her šŸ™‚



Another question popped up today :p so u know I was wondering, in my family faith rituals sometimes the lay people chant other sutras like “om mane padme hom” or amida buddhas name! I like chanting om mane.. Etc when in a function because its so calming and nice and not because I believe in it, but is it actually slandering of the law if I perform any other rituals other than that related to lotus sutra?


As long as you do this other rituals and dnt believe in it like you said it is fine- even me when I go to india- I have to go to temples with the rest f my family and I offer routers as well – but it’s new of a cultural thing for me than a belief. And the way i see it is there is no harm in respecting other beliefs ever! As long we know where we stand and what we believe in – the other thins dnt matter šŸ™‚ hope all this answered your questions? Xx

Hits the nails bang on šŸ˜‰


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