I want to excite him intellectually and him to learn and realise much more then he has ever done till now!!
I want him to learn joyfully and find new interesting aspect of his job,
I want him to willingly support stds without begrudgements
I want his begrudgemennts to be changed into reasons to be happy
I want his w and his relation to grow strenth by strength without arrogance or ego, or for those arogance and ego to change into fuel to grow asnd develop happily!! To be absolutely happy!!
I want his family and friends to be happy and to nurture him to be capable person to advance kosen rufu happily
I want his relationships with collgs + wrkin relt. With me to improve very much, with lots of room for creativity and happiness
I want our learning + workin relt to be very creative, humerus and joyful + enriching + vitality + interesting + fulfilling
I want to repay my debt of gratitide to him by sorting out my ment thing and I w ant him to give me feedback on how I’m doing
Waht can I improve in de
I want to be confident genuinely joyfully and humbly to shine in de !!
I want de’s karma to change
I want to shae amazing rapport with mel
From this moment on I don’t want it to be like yo-yo when I chant its good then when I don’t it goes down, I want to fundamentally change ment – me or wrkin relations from the roots and replace them + invite and be welcomed to enjoy creative
Interesting realtins making each other happy and supporting each other fully to grow and develop to advance kosen rufu


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