ak and de

I feel like being better than ak!
Not good, must treasure her budhahood
I want yol to be very happy and reveal to me her buddha nature and winning x
Today I want to stay alert and rested till 8am
That doc lefty was so cute
Is my future in doc?
Work in medicine then to pth then doc?!
Where do I wanna go?
Relation of s and c
I want that! Cool buddy type yet geting things signed

1) At work, I nod along and never really come up any new interesting ideas, I don’t make a statement or have a thought on anything, I don’t talk much, so I’m probably a people pleaser and people tend to take me for granted or think I’m foolish type with nothing much to say 😦

I want this to change. I want this tendency to change into best posible outcome for kosen rufu
I’m building my foundation for future as capable person for kosen rufu
I’m focusing on being happy and not as a label

Atm I don’t like how I am in pltmnt
And I just think others are doing well and comparing myself to them.
I want to shine my budha nature
I want to change so tht i enjoy my desired envnmnt
I want to praise my life
Its lovely and I make efforts to speak to everyone always
I’ve made many mistakes and made a fool of myself but I’m learning and improving and building and changin my future to a fulfilling one by enjoying my present moment fulfilingly

Gz why am I feelig uneasy? I want to change it and be happy. Make causes to be happy. End of

I want to be supported by my envnmnt
I want to be happy and enjoy my day here

Same karma pattern today – lazy ment?!
I’m alone! And not sure what to do, doing h role?!
And anther std getin well with her mnt :(?
Want to change it. I want to have fun and be happy here.

Aja ali attey thyo but it ended well 🙂
When I had 8hrs to go. My god I was wondering how I’m gna survive
Everythin I was doing I thought its wrongn, anthr stdn got sent home early! We’ll jel but I don think my ment noticed :s
He seems a litle tensed? Or maybe its just me?!
O well 2 weeks finished 🙂


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