in the gosho “The Unanimous Declaration of All Buddhas” where Nichiren talks about our delusions stopping us from achieving our full potential

Finally one day I decided to chant to appreciate my job and the really obnoxious callers instead of complaining about them. Suddenly I started getting better calls and booking more rooms.

chanted to clear out my delusions that were stopping me from bringing out my full potential. I chanted for Buddha confidence, confidence that permeated the universe, confidence so powerful that my callers would have confidence in me so that they could confidently take my advice and book rooms. And feel good about it!

The reason I didn’t go on from there straight to my acting career because I still needed that crucial factor of confidence, and I needed a job that forced me to become confident just to survive. That’s why the job I didn’t want was exactly what I needed.

My sister and I both realized that lack of confidence is our family karma. We have a family full of really good, hard-working people who have intelligence and talent, but because we lack confidence we always end up on the lower edge of everything.

Sooooooo grateful that inn the midst of these negativity I found these testimonials from

I did a lot of praying that I would be able to provide her with a meaningful response by the promised date.

That when we help others we are in fact helping ourselves too

President Ikeda said, “It is important that our prayers be specific and concrete. Being vague and unfocused when you chant is like shooting an arrow without looking at the target. When you chant, it should be with a strong and passionate resolve to make your prayer a reality. To have the attitude, “If I chant, everything will be all right” is just wishful thinking. Earnest prayer – prayer infused with one’s whole heart and being – cannot fail to be communicated to the Gohonzon.”

Completed my daimoku target + study target + texted members. Satisfied 🙂


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