why im angiey

1) C is taking forever to sign my book
B) I think he doesn’t want to
C) he doesn’t know how to
D) he doesn’t want to know how to
E) he doesn’t care

2) M how is she
B) will she even like me
C) will we get along
D) does she really like sts or is c makin it up to get riid of me?

3) I duno what to do there
B) my voice dissappears
C) not much to say
D) what I say isn’t related
E) not much wisdom?knowledge?

4) Not much sleep
5) Insincere daimoku?
6) Is it even worth it?

Why am I complainin
shud I be felt sory for? Nopes I’m fortunate one to be practicing the law

Reallllly angry
Anger portruding from all areas
Every thing in my environment is a trigger atm


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