T came to chant with me and it was the best decision for the whole week.
Was sufffering unknowingly, thought it was part and parcel of $y 2months

She saiid
As soon as u feel like ur suffering – seek an answer
My heart was closinng so I chanted to :-
1) Open my heart
2) I was going mememe so I chanted to connect b’s heart to sensei’s heart thru me
Xx Pltmnt is just a surface reason why I’m there, my real mission is to shine there and advance kosoen rufu xx

3) Reminded abt conecting with sensei’s boundless life force and with his heart
4) Determined to enjooy the day.
Enjoy each moment cos then if I’m just chanting to get over the day would mean that I’m not living in the moment insted waitinfor day to go off
I’m a cheerful face in dept and my mission is to conect everyone’s heart with sensei’s thru me like T does.

She’s absolutely shining 🙂

Very manic busy but great day 🙂


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