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Btw a n said to me *dont be a wimp* u can’t be a wimp and an n* in a very encouraging “I’m giving u a tip for life” way. Hmm.. Pondering.

Today I told my life:

“Throw open the doors of my heart and let me see my the way clear to advance. I am determined to have the courage, the wisdom, the fortitude and the discipline and correct ACTION to shore up the areas of my life where I am determined to change and create the results I want to see…I am determined to be absolutely victorious in all areas of my life…career…health…relationships! Show me what I don’t know that I don’t know! I am ready for more growth, more happiness, and to break down the door of what I THINK I know! I am ready, I am ready! Direct the flow of my life with  President Ikeda’s so I can tap into the vast resources of creating peace and happiness along with him! And I have to break down these doors and get to the next level so I can help others to achieve a level of happiness that they can hardly imagine is possible!” 

How wonderful that we are living this life together! 

I wish you the happiest of days, and a deep and meaningful and fun time in front of your own Gohonzon in YOUR laboratory of life!!!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!


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